We started Palate in the summer of 2011 to help bring people together through food.

Food and meals are a sensory and social experience. We cook for ourselves, share with our friends, and gather around the table with loved ones. No matter where we are, food brings us all together.

We wanted to facilitate this experience,starting out by allowing people to search, save, and share recipes from numerous sites all across the internet.

While we managed to gain thousands of loyal users, we did not get as much traction as we would have liked, and as three students, we felt it was not in the best interests of our users to continue running the application.

We would like to thank all of our loyal users and we hope that we have helped make a difference in your lives. Maybe one day, Palate will resurface. Until then, best wishes to everyone.

--Jairo Avalos, Rowan Chakoumakos, Vikas Yendluri